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Trial Inside

RushWay trials mechanics

The Orange Zero with Monty front end

Frame: Orange Zero
Fork: Monty.
Bars: Monty trials (oversized)
Stem: Monty trials
Crank: Shimano LX
Bottom bracket: Shimano UN52
Pedals: DMR V12
Bash Plate: custom, aluminium
Hydraulic Brakes: Magura Louise (front disk) and Magura HS33 (rear).
Saddle: Custom balsa wood.
Rims: Mavic D125 (rear) / Mavic X517 (front)
Hubs: Shimano deore LX (rear) / Megamo (front)
tires: 2.25" El Gato IRC (rear) / 2.3" (front)

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Zero Orange

Zero Orange

Zero Orange

Zero Orange


Zero Orange

Previous bikes history

2000: The Orange Zero
1998: The Cannondale Beast of the East
1997: The Cannondale KillerV800
1993: The Peugeot Black Rock

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