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Trial Inside

RushWay trials mechanics

The AtomZ AKT2...Modern stuff!

Time for a change, and modernity came in the shape of the
Atomz AKT2. Amazingly light and beautifully crafted...

Frame: Atomz AKT2
Fork: BT.
Bars: Koxx (oversized)
Stem: UN
Crank: 175mm Tensile Urban Legend with Tensile 18t freewheel
Bottom bracket: Try-all ISIS.
Pedals: Gusset Slim Jim Magnesium.
Brakes: Avid Ball Bearing 7 cable disk brakes (front) with AZ2 disc and Magura HS33 hydraulic (rear) with red Heatsink pads in CNCed aluminium backings.

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Seat??? what for?
Hubs: Czar fixed 16t single speed (rear) / American Classic (front)
Tyres: Maxxis Hans Rey adventure 2.4" rear and Panaracer XC Fire 2.1" front.
Integrated chain tensioner.
Wheelbase in this current setting: 1090mm.

Check out the close up photos

Atomz Bike

Atomz Bike

Atomz Bike

Atomz Bike

Atomz Bike

Atomz Bike

Previous bikes history

2004: The Toxsin 1
2003: The Orange/Monty
2000: The Orange Zero
1998: The Cannondale Beast of the East
1997: The Cannondale KillerV800
1993: The Peugeot Black Rock

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