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RushWay trials mechanics

The brand new GU 2013...

Already time for an upgrade, my fairly new Rockman Slate 3 frame split up after heavy abuse on railings.
The GU 2013 is an opportunity to try out yet another geometry, with a bottom bracket at +70mm.

Frame: GU 2013 26 inches
Fork: Rockman.
Bars: Rockman(Carbon oversized)
Stem: Rockman 150mm,30° rise
Crank: 175mm Rockman, 18t freewheel
Bottom bracket: Echo Titane ISIS.
Pedals: Echo TR.
Brakes: Magura HS33 hydraulic, 2011 version.
Seat??? what for?
Rims: Rockman single wall
Hubs: Rockman fixed 15t single speed (rear)
Tyres: Continental Rubber Queen/ Rubber King.
Wheelbase in this current setting: 1090mm.
Chainstays: 380mm.
Bottom bracket height: +70mm.

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GU Bike

GU Bike

GU Bike

GU Bike

GU Bike

GU Bike

Previous bikes history

2012: The Rockman Slate 3
2007: The Atomz AKTII
2004: The Toxsin 1
2003: The Orange/Monty
2000: The Orange Zero
1998: The Cannondale Beast of the East
1997: The Cannondale KillerV800
1993: The Peugeot Black Rock

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