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Reseller Profile: Adam Read

December 08, 2010 By: Julien TZ Section: Biketrials Resellers, Interviews

Adam Read is the founder and owner of, a remarkably efficient online shop specialized in bike trials components.

When did you start riding trials?

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It was around 1999, I think. A new guy started at school, I went riding with him and he bunny hopped up a 50cm wall. I was amazed and wanted to ride trials ever since!

What Adam’s bike looked like back in the days.

Can you describe the first bike on which you rode trials? (more…)

Rider Profile: Kenny Belaey

November 01, 2010 By: Julien TZ Section: Interviews, Rider interview

When did you start riding trials and how did you get into bike trials?
I started when I was 9 (1992), our dad was a good motor-trials rider and we always joined him on the races. Shortly after, my brother and I got a bike, so that’s how it all started for me. When my father saw that Wesley and myself were talented enough, he sold all his gear to drive us around at competitions.

Can you describe the first bike on which you rode trials?
It was a T19 Montesa: rusty rims, welded handlebars, old tyres and a plastic bashguard… Thinking about it gives me goozebumps… Great times

What bike evolution has had the biggest impact on your riding?
Raising the bottom bracket was a good innovative way to change our riding style, not only because we had more play between the bash and the obstacle, also because we started to jump higher and it gave a more stable feeling balancing on the back wheel. The weight of the bikes, going from 10kg or more four years ago to 8kg today, also makes a huge difference.