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2013 – Crewkerz Cleep 26-inch

January 16, 2014 By: Julien TZ Section: 2014, BikeTrials Gallery

Danny-butler’s Crewkerz Cleep as photographed by Mark Westlake, posted on

2013 – Crewkerz Cleep 26-inch

December 12, 2013 By: Julien TZ Section: 2013, BikeTrials Gallery

The Crewkerz Cleep 26-inch from Laurent as posted on

- Crewkerz Cleep long (1090/380/+65) frame and fork.
- Crewkerz Wheels
- Brakes : rear hs33 (“old” style) + 185mm BB7 front brake
- Tires : Der Kaiser, speed king 2.1
- Maxxis ultralight tubes
- Cranks/freewheel : Crewkerz, splined.
- Try-All single cages pedals
- Titanium, alloy, nylon (hs33 crossover “clips”) bolts almost everywhere
- Crewkerz Stem
- Trialtech Carbon bar.
Approx. Weight : 9.4kg, which is not so bad i think using a bb7 and a der Kaiser