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Bike Trials Forums

Dedicated Forums all over the World

Find your favourite language. If you know of some other biketrials forums that are not listed here, don’t hesitate to send us a link to their website.

flag Argentina – Biketrial en Argentina: all the Argentinian news, in Spanish.
flag Australia – Australian Trials Forum: a small community on a big continent.
flag Brazil – Biketrial do Brasil: with a forum attached to it.
flag Canada – Biketrials Canada: as it says on the tin (English language).
flag Canada – Trial Québec: (French speaking).
flag China – Chinese Forum: one of the most active Chinese forum.
flag Czech Republic – The Czech forum on trials.
flag Finland – Bike Trials Finland – Finish Trials
flag France – Espace Trial: French forum, quite active.
flag Germany – IBC Community /Trials : German forum within the MTB portal
flag Hungary – The Hungarian Forum: for all biketrial related stuff in the country.
flag Iran – Trial-Sari: an Iranian forum focused on Trials.
flag Italia – an Italian forum focused on Trials.
flag Italia – BikeTrial Italia: another Italian portal with news.

flag Find riders and riding spots on Milkyway Tribe

flag Korea – Biketrial Hard Core ride group.
flag Latvia – Karters: a forum held in Latvia
flag Lituania – LT for Lituania: some sections on biketrials and urban riding.
flag Malaysia – Jack’s blog from Bangi, in Malaysia.
flag Mexico – Biketrial Mexico.
flag Norway –, for the trials riders in Norway.
flag Philipina – Pinoytrials, the Filipino Trials Community.
flag Romania – Biketrial Romania: as it says on the tin.
flag Russia – probably the most popular Russian language forum on the topic.
flag Slovenia – Tabla MTB: Sloven forum includes biketrials.
flag Spain – Foro de Biketrial Spain: for the Spanish community.
flag Switzerland – Velo Trial Club : from Zurich, Switzerland.
flag Taiwan – Taiwanese biketrials forum.
flag UK – Trials Forum: One of the most active forum about trials riding in the UK.
flag Ukraine – BikeTrial.Kiev: the most active forum in Ukraine.
flag USA – Observed Trials: Excellent Trials forum in the US

If you would like to have your trials forum listed here, just send us an email.

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