Bike Trials Evolution

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A brief history

Going motor-less

The sport of bike trials began in the mid-seventies (around 1974) as the push-bike alternative to motorbike trials. Being much lighter and cheaper than their motorized counter-parts, the first bicycles modified for trials riding were conceived as training platforms.

This enabled younger pilots to practice their balance and consolidate their riding skills until they grew up and became strong enough to handle the motorcycles. For many of these kids, competing on the push-bike version became a sport in its own right. All the basic rules were readily available from motorbike-trials, and an increasing number of riders clearly preferred the non-motorized quieter and lighter variant of the sport.

Two major organizations emerged in order to regulate on the sport, the North American Trials Series (NATS, and the BikeTrial International Union (BIU, Soon, bike trials was fully recognized as a new discipline by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI,, with the first UCI Trial World Championships held in 1984.

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