Bike Trials Evolution

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About This Gallery

The Gallery of BikeTrials Evolution is an experimental extension of the TrashZen trials riding tutorials. It is designed to give you a glimpse of the glorious past of bike trials and vintage bike models, based on the input of past and current trials riders.  Use the search engine or the tags cloud to find bike models by name, manufacturer, mod, stock or 24″ . You can also immerse yourself into a specific production year and notice the geometry evolution from one year to another.

We welcome all contributions with pictures of current or past trials bikes. Just send us good resolution profile pictures of your bikes at
Don’t forget to mention the model name, the manufacturer and the year of production.
Additional specifications are a plus if you have them, like total weight, wheelbase length, chainstay length, and bottom bracket height.

The more riders contribute, the better and more complete this gallery will become for future visitors discovering bike trials. Share your passion with them, and let your bikes inspire others.

Julien TZ
One of many passionate trials riders and TrashZen‘s webmaster.

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